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Hi, my name is Cindee Cano Realtorand welcome to my website! I’m an Orange County Agent dedicated to helping buyers or sellers like you fulfill their real estate needs. Having lived in Orange County for over 18 Years, I have the knowledge, commitment, and experience to handle your Orange County real estate needs so you can relax and spend more time doing other enjoyable activities. Who says buying or selling a home has to be a grueling process filled with lots of anxiety and stress? As you browse my site, I’ll show you in the next 5 minutes how you can’t afford to pass up the opportunity to use my services.





Evaluate the Orange County Real Estate Market By The Job Market

While the number of existing jobs can create a demand for Orange County homes, the number of available homes for sale is the supply side of the supply-and-demand equation. Even though local businesses may create additional jobs, home values can remain low if there are too many available homes existing. On the other hand, if the job growth rate is stagnant in an area and there is a shortage of available homes, it could cause Orange County real estate prices to rise upward. Your first priority should be to see how well the current supply of homes are being taken advantage of. You should check into the local vacancy rates, which can tell you how much demand there is for existing rentals. You can calculate the local vacancy rate by dividing the number of empty rental units by the total number of rental units for example, if there are 100 rental units in Orange, California, and 2000 rental units are on the market, the vacancy rate would be 10%. If you find a low vacancy rate under 5%, that’s usually a good indication that real estate prices will shoot upward. When the vacancy rate remains low or is going downhill, there will be more competition for those few remaining rental units. This increased competition will force rental rates to rise, making it more expensive to rent and less appealing to occupants. On the other hand, if the vacancy rate is high that means there is an extra supply of rentals which tends to keep rents low as landlords try to compete for existing tenants. If everything were equal, high vacancy rates more than 7 to 10% are generally a bad sign for real estate seller’s but good news for existing homeowners. If you’re looking for homes in Orange County or Villa Park, California, you want to seek out competent real estate agents or use Cindee Cano Realtor who can help you with your real estate needs. Cindee Cano Realtor specializes in the Orange County area helping home buyers and sellers with their real estate need.

How To Compare Orange County Real Estate And Homes For Sale For The Top School Districts

When evaluating a Orange County real estate and homes for sale, it’s essential to think about the standards of the nearby school district, appreciation rate, cost, demographics, amenities, nearby government services, shopping, entertainment, and other amenities. When it comes to choosing the best Orange County  neighborhood, you need to prioritize the amenities which are most important to you. What amenities do you absolutely have to have? What functions eliminate prospective properties off your list? In most circumstances, you will have to investigate several Orange County real estate and homes for sale thoroughly before you come up with sufficient info to make an informed decision.One important point to remember is don’t always take an agent’s opinion at face value. Make sure you focus on facts and verify them out for yourself.As you work with a real estate agent, it’s easy to ask questions such as “how good is this location?” What’s the crime statistic like? How much time does it take to travel to the nearest mall? How good is the public school district?When you take the time to evaluate these concerns, you will comprehend how subjective the answers can be. What do you consider to be a great location? How much crime is too much? Is a twenty minute drive to the nearby mall a short drive? In order for you to get informative answers, you will have to ask a lot more detailed questions. By using this technique, you get much more revealing solutions from your real estate agent.General replies telling you a commute to the nearest regional mall is a breeze won’t give you the exact same detail as, “Traveling to the mall between the hours of 10am and 3pm will generally consume twenty minutes.” For a buyer who is used to commuting 90 minutes to work in downtown Los Angeles, a twenty minute commute may seem like a breeze. Nevertheless, to a Montana school teacher who can walk to the office in 10 minutes, a twenty minute commute by freeway might be a headache.As for the crime statistics, a single parent mother who plans to bicycle to her graveyard shift may define crime differently from a 6’2” 32-year old bodybuilder who’s a black belt in karate.By discussing particular details with your Orange County Realtor and real estate agent, you will decrease the chances of miscommunication among the two of you. If you use professional Realtors, they will strive diligently to find a property that suits your particular needs. You may be able to help them serve you effectively by asking them questions they can offer facts for you to check out. Answer such as “I believe Orange High School has a great reputation”, isn’t as informative as “40% of all Orange High School seniors moved on to Ivy League schools.”Although a personal opinion might be accurate, it’s not as useful as detailed factual statements that leave minimal leeway for misunderstandings.

Buying Orange County Real Estate-Homes For Sale – Investigate Where Your New Neighborhood Is Headed

Some unfortunate home buyers purchase a Orange County home in a nice quiet neighborhood with minor traffic only to later find the addition of a shopping center that creates traffic jams and extra long commute times.Although you prepare for every possible change that can affect a neighborhood, you will find some changes which are easier to spot than others. Try looking out for for vacant and underutilized land. Do strips of agricultural areas seem out of place? Do you see untouched natural landscape interspersed between new tract developments? Is there construction to enlarge the current roads?Before you buy Orange County real estate or homes for sale in a particular community, research if there’s an influx of new property owners. Is there an positive movement in the number of homeowners renting out rooms or remodeling their homes into rental units? Do you see a great deal of homes being converted to company or retail stores? Are there plans for low cost public housing? Does the community look rundown?When you purchase a house, you’re investing your money into a place you’ll call home for a long time. If a neighborhood begins to deteriorate, your property value will follow. Nevertheless, merely evaluating a neighborhood’s present condition isn’t enough. It’s important to have the ability to forecast what it’ll look like in the next 5 to 15 years from now.Invest time brainstorming all of the possible scenarios that can happen with vacant land, community traffic, and future homeowner renovations. Do you get the intuition a community will prioritize their efforts to revitalize a community or do they appear apathetic about its existing condition? Ask yourself how the Orange County real estate and homes for sale in this community compare to other areas.Think about what the future traffic conditions will be like. Can it get worse? Are the current roads adequate to accomplish rise in future traffic? Will the neighborhoods be altered by the changes in traffic patterns?If you’re thinking about purchasing a house in the popular areas where new developments are located, be aware of the fact there will probably be increased traffic. During rush traffic hour, you might be spending a long time on freeway exits and entrances. Over time, disgruntled home buyers may relocate to communities in less congested areas, thereby causing house appreciation rates to slow down in these popular areas.Whenever you think about a possible neighborhood, attempt to anticipate what possible changes might occur. This will help you choose the very best property.  You can also consult with a local Orange County agent like Cindee Cano Realtor to help you determine the future of a community.

Getting Ready To Search For your Orange County Home

Once you have made financial arrangements, you’re now ready to search for the perfect Orange County home for sale. Here are some strategies that can save you wasted time and headaches regarding your sales contract.The fact of the matter is, buying a home is as simple as buying a car. The privilege that separates us from other countries is the ability to own land in America. We all know this as the American dream. Owning real estate allows you to become a part of the local Orange County community. It gives you a great opportunity to build income through monthly rent payments. If you’re a real estate investor, you’ll soon discover this type of investing has produced more millionaires than any other type of product. What you learn about buying a property can make the difference between getting a great deal or losing money on an investment. In most home markets, Orange County real estate agents possess the most detailed contracts available when it comes to the purchase of a home. If you belong to a for sale by owner group or investment group, many of these groups will have an attorney draft contracts for you or use a software program to put together the contract. The only problem with this is the fact real estate transactions are dictated by local regulations. In order to be valid, the contract must take into consideration local and Federal laws. Your best bet is to hire Cindee Cano Realtor to help you with the purchase of a home.

Don’t Give Up Your Orange County Home Buyer Rights

As a buyer, it’s easy to get caught up in the frenzy of bidding on a home. However, it’s important you don’t give up many of the standard protections you should have in a contract. It’s not uncommon for many buyers who are desperate to win the bid, to make a higher offer with very few contingencies.

When the market is hot, many eager buyers will forfeit many contingencies including the home inspection, sale of an existing home, and the appraisal. While this tactic may frequently occur, homebuyers who use this strategy should expect to encounter several problems once they move into the property.

If the buyer of a home decides to waive any home inspection, he or she is giving up their right to find out if a property has any defects or issues prior to moving in. Many homebuyers think that if they play hardball by insisting a home inspection be done prior to escrow closing, they will lose out on winning a property. If you think you’re going to use this strategy, you want to be on the lookout for potential problems and be aware of what you’re sacrificing. If there were issues with the house’s roof, you could be in a bad situation where you’ll have to fork out several thousand dollars to repair it. If you discover rotting wood in a home, you’ll have to pay contractor lots of money to fix it. If there’s a problem with the plumbing in a home, you’ll have to be the one to upgrade it. The home you desperately overpaid on to get will now cost you extra money to fix up.

If you have an existing home to sell before you can buy a new one, you should definitely sell it first. Unless you have the ability to pay all cash for a home, you could face a situation where you have two mortgages to pay on if you can’t sell your existing home. You could also be forced to set a lower sales price on your existing home because you feel pressured to get rid of the property. It’s a better idea to sell your existing home first. You won’t worry a about being homeless because you have family and friends to stay with during your transition to your new home. Your agent could also negotiate a “Home of Choice” clause in your sales contract. If it’s a seller’s market, most likely you’ll be in control of the negotiations.

Another strategy you shouldn’t use is to try to draft the purchase contract on a home without it being contingent on an appraisal. This tactic is about as bad as giving a signed blank check over to the sellers. Unless you have lots of money, this strategy isn’t recommended for most people. For example, let’s say you find yourself in a bidding war and decide to make a bid on a property for $25,000 more than the sellers asking price. If the bank appraises the property for $20,000 less than the sellers asking price, you’ll have overpaid on the home. You’ll soon find that the bank will only let you borrow a certain amount of the home’s value and you must then come up with the difference out of pocket.

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