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Quail Hill
This village lies just north of a beautiful nature preserve and offers a wide selection of Irvine homes for sale ranging from contemporary style luxury single family residences, detached courtyard condominiums, townhomes, and apartments…..
Turtle Ridge
Nesled along the foothills of Bommer Canyon’s open space reserves, this village of 14 beautiful luxury residential neighborhoods is situated on Irvine’s towering summit. You’ll find many gated communities with amenities such as playgrounds, pools, and bbq spaces…..
Shady Canyon
This village features prestigious and exclusive luxury gated estate homes tucked among beautiful vast open space, gentle rolling hills, lush golf course views, and a nearby 16,000 acre nature preserve. You’ll discover homes with Mediterranean and Tuscany styling and large lots.
Oak Creek
This village features a cozy atmosphere within a larger community and offers a wide selection of neighborhoods, homes and activities. You find single family residences, detached courtyard homes, condos, townhomes, and apartments…..
This village is located south of Irvine Blvd between Jeffrey and Sand Canyon. You’ll find a good selection of single family residences, detached courtyard condominiums, condos, townhomes, and apartments all near shopping, entertainment, restaurants and the Irvine Spectrum.
Northwood Pointe
This village offers a wonderful variety of parks, walking trails, and gated and guard gated communities of gorgeous estates, detached condos, condos, townhomes, and courtyard homes. It also features the Blue Ribbon Northwood High School….
This village features a central location, scenic eucalyptus trees and groves, peaceful walk paths, and nearby amenities including pools, tennis courts, cultural centers, parks and recreation facilities. Easy access to the Tustin and Irvine Marketplace and Northpark and Northwood Center.
Northpark Square
This village features many amenities including walking and bike paths, pools, spas, tennis, BBQ areas, cabanas, sport courts, gardens and meeting rooms. You’ll find Irvine homes for sale ranging from single family luxury homes to condos, and townhomes……
Northpark village offers private gated homes for sale/lease range from contemporary style single family residences, detached courtyard condominiums, townhomes, and apartments….
Columbus Grove
This village consists of ten classic style neighborhoods connected by winding trails and features swimming pools, clubhouses and views of natural landscaping. Columbus Grove residents can enjoy nearby Peter’s Canyon Trail by walking or biking…..
Portola Springs
This village offers a cozy atmosphere with a wide selection of neighborhoods, homes and activities to satisfy a wide variety of tastes. You’ll find single family residences, detached courtyard condominiums, condos, townhomes, and apartments here.
Located in the hub of Irvine, this village offers exclusive lake side living with a wide selection of pools, parks, walking trails, tennis courts, and boat rentals for the active lifestyle.
Westpark This village offers luxurious resort style living with Italian Mediterranean architecture that make this area very exclusive in the Irvine community…..

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“It’s hard to find a dedicated, caring Realtor who makes their client’s needs a priority. Cindee Cano Realtor is one of the few professional who will do that for you while treating you like family. She found me the perfect opportunity to buy a beautiful home with immediate substantial equity! If you want an Orange County agent who looks out for your best interests, Cindee is the one you want to use”……………
Michael K.- N. Tustin, CA

Hi, my name is Cindee Cano and welcome to my website! I’m an Orange County agent dedicated to helping buyers or sellers like you fulfill their real estate needs. Having lived in Orange County for over 18 Years, I have the knowledge, commitment, and experience to handle your Irvine real estate needs so you can relax and spend more time doing other enjoyable activities. Who says buying or selling a home has to be a grueling process filled with lots of anxiety and stress? As you browse my site, I’ll show you in the next 5 minutes how you can’t afford to pass up the opportunity to use my services.

How The Local Rental Rate Can Affect Irvine Real Estate Prices

Evaluating the rental rate for a community can reveal the current desire for homes. When there’s a strong demand for rental housing and the economy continues to boom, you can expect to see increased home prices in the future. As the price of renting properties increase, the option of purchasing real estate looks more attractive to prospective home buyers. Don’t assume all you need to do is only study the rent trends and number of rentals. Let’s assume you’re contemplating purchasing a three bedroom, two bath, 1500 square-foot home in a local neighborhood that is renting for $2000 per month. This information alone isn’t enough. You also need to determine how this rental cost compares with the cost of buying property. You need to evaluate the costs involved in renting a home compared to the cost of owning it. These steps are what most renters typically take when deciding whether to purchase a home or to continue to rent. This process can provide a realistic evaluation of current prices. If you want to make an even comparison between renting and owning, you have to study the monthly cost of renting with the monthly cost of homeownership. If you study the option of renting a home for $2000 per month compared to purchasing a property for $300,000, you aren’t comparing similar characteristics. You must also consider the tax benefits. Generally the largest expenses such as mortgage interest and taxes are tax-deductible. If you’ve been searching for Irvine CA homes for sale and want to hire the services of a local Irvine real estate agent, you want to consider hiring the services of Cindee Cano Realtor. Cindee Cano Realtor has the knowledge to assist you with your home buying needs.

How Jobs Affect The Sale of Irvine Homes For Sale

If you’re thinking about looking at Irvine real estate and homes for sale, you may have some second thoughts since you’ll be making a large investment, probably the largest investment you’ll ever make in your life. It’s important for you to do a ton of research to decide where, when, and what to buy. You should look at a home from an investment perspective, and analyze the community and the home you want to purchase. A home provides a roof over your head and a safe place to store your personal possessions. Since a home cost a significant amount of money to purchase and maintain, you’ll need a continual source of income to spend money to maintain your property. Of course this money will have to come from a job. Even though most of us may love our career, it’s still a job that helps us cover our monthly expenses.

A home along with its monthly expenditures are one of the biggest expenses many homebuyers have. Therefore the demand for new homes and the ability to pay for housing is greatly affected by the quantity and quality of jobs in an area. If you’re a real estate investor, you’ll want to consider an area were homes appreciate in value at a very high rate and also exhibits several important characteristics. One of these characteristics is job growth.

If you research an area and notice the number of jobs are shrinking, you should be concerned. Just because an area has millions of jobs does not mean the real estate market is booming. The creation of new jobs is essential to a healthy home market. Make sure you research the unemployment rate in an area and see how it has changed over the last few years. If you see declining unemployment rate and increase in job growth, that’s a good sign the home market will remain healthy. When looking at homes for sale, consult with local realtors and local statistics to help you decide if a community is right for you.

Irvine Real Estate Agents – Be Sure Your Agent Offers These 7 Services

Don’t you wish all it took to buy a home was a simple handshake over dinner? Unfortunately, the real estate market has become more complicated requiring the assistance of experienced Irvine Realtors to help you navigate through the maze of steps in buying a home. He or she should fight for your best interests when negotiating with the seller, assisting in locating the best home loan, completing any documents, and making sure a home has no major problems.

When deciding among Irvine real estate agents, choose one with experience as a team leader, he or she should look out for your best interests while coordinating other players and tasks. Your agent should:

1) Suggest neighborhoods – Your agent should sit down and learn about your desires for the ideal neighborhood. He or she should be knowledgeable enough to suggest possible locations that suit your needs. Ideally your Irvine agent should be a resident in or around the area you’re interested in and be able to give you an insider’s viewpoint of the community.

2) Makes Sure You Don’t Pay More Than You Need To – Your real estate agent’s goal should be to make sure you only pay market value for a property. He or she will use a comparative market analysis (CMA) to gauge the value of the home you’re interested in. The CMA contains information about similar sized properties that sold in the last 6 months.

3) Doesn’t Present A Bunch Of Mismatched Listings For You To See – Irvine agents who really cares about your interests will be sure to sit down and find out what key features you want in a home. Rather than shoving a bunch of unsuitable listings for you to look at, he or she will be sure to present only those listings that match your homebuying critieria. You want an agent who is patient throughout the entire process as it could take up to a year to find the right home.

4) Takes The Time To Check Out Listings With You – Ideally, you should choose an agent who can take the time to walk through most of the homes personally with you. While there may be instances where their assistant will help out with showings, you benefit more from seeing properties through the experienced eye of a Realtor who knows if a home suits your needs (such as the layout or amount of storage space) or has major defects such as previous water damage.

5) Writes The Offer and Negotiates The Sale – Professional Irvine agents will help you write an offer that includes your offer price and terms. He or she will also discuss any legally required disclosures about your propective property.

6) Instructs You On The Entire Process – After selecting the best agent to represent your homebuying needs, make sure he or she breaks down the process required to zero in on your dream home, including drafting the offer, qualifying for a home loan, establishing escrow with a trusted company, verifying title to the property, ordering insurance, clearing out any remaining contingencies, and consumating the deal.

7) Manages The Complete Purchase – Once the seller accepts your offer, helpful Irvine agents take your hand and walk you through the process from beginning to end. He or she should order the necessary home inspections, help you figure out financing, and obtain the insurances. Your agent will probably handle a majority of these transactions or at least delegate them to a trained assistant or transaction coordinator. An agent who takes interest in your needs will make sure he or she is there for key tasks such as the appraisal, home inspections, and the final walk through. If you’re looking for a qualified agent to handle your real estate needs, give Cindee Cano Realtor a call.

Getting Ready To Search For your Irvine Home For Sale

Once you have taken care of financial arrangements, you are now prepared to search for your ideal Irvine house for sale. Here are some methods that will save you wasted time and headaches concerning your sales contract.The fact of the matter is, purchasing a house is as simple as purchasing a car. The privilege that separates us from other countries is the capability to own land in America. All of us know this as the American dream. Owning real estate permits you to become a part of the nearby Orange County community. It provides you an excellent chance to accumulate earnings via month-to-month rent payments. If you’re a real estate investor, you’ll quickly learn this type of investing has produced a lot more millionaires than any other kind of product. What you learn about purchasing a property can make the difference between getting an excellent deal or losing money on an investment. In most house markets, Irvine Realtors possess the most detailed contracts available with regards to the purchase of an Irvine house. In the event you belong to a for sale by owner group or investment group, many of these groups may have an lawyer draft contracts for you or use a software program to place together the contract. The only problem with this is the reality real estate transactions are dictated by nearby regulations. To be able to be valid, the contract should take into consideration local and Federal laws. Your best bet is to hire a local Irvine Realtor to assist you with the acquisition of a house.

How To Determine If An Irvine Realtor or Real Estate Agent Is Right For You

If you’re thinking about hiring an Irvine Realtor to represent you when looking at homes for sale, there are certain questions you’ll want to ask him or her before hiring them.  One of the first things you should ask a real estate agent is if they are a Irvine Realtor.  After this question, you will want to ask the agent if he or she has an active real estate license in good standing.  To verify this information, you can check with your state’s local governing agency.  You’ll also want to question the agent and find out if he or she belongs to a multiple listing service.  Find out if the agent practices real estate full time or just part time.  Ask the agent what real estate designations they hold.  You should also determine whether the agent is representing you or the seller.  Try to have this discussion early on when you first contact an agent.  A reputable real estate agent should be able to disclose who he or she is obligated to represent.  Be sure to ask the agent how he or she will help you find the best Irvine homes for sale and help you locate your dream home.

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